About - Lemonjelly Photography

 Hi I'm Gail and I'd like to welcome you to my website.  Lemonjelly Photography is an ongoing obsession of mine.  I studied Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art but my photography obsession started a long time ago, before the gadgetry we have today, I first cut my photography teeth at high school, this is when I knew photography would be a part of my life for ever, letting me loose in a dark room was just the start.

I have a love of all things quirky and unusual.  I love to create and am happiest when I'm outside shooting sets I have created.  I look for the good in everyone, sometimes to my downfall but I believe that everyone is beautiful, you just need good light and and good eye to bring out the best in people.  

I love, love, love to travel, I don't get the chance as often now but I have plenty of tales of backpacks and tramps and train stations!  Go ahead you know you want to ask!!

But my main love is my family, my husband Robert and my son Ben.

I am not a morning person, I repeat I do not do mornings, tea yes please, I'm tattooed, I love all things Rockabilly, love going to gigs and rock climbing.  That pretty much sums me up...

If you'd like a Rockabilly, tattooed, rock climbing photography chick to help you create and capture those moments in life that make you go mushy then get in touch.

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